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Happy Paws Haven

No-Kill Animal Shelter in Grafton

Happy Paws Haven is a dog and cat sanctuary in Eatonsville, Grafton NSW. It is a no kill shelter. Puppies, dogs, cats and kittens are rescued and rehomed by Sally Rogers who started this community organisation in 2006, to help animals in need in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour Shire. It is an incorporated and endorsed animal welfare charity.

Volunteers are a feature of Happy Paws and many people help out with caring for the dogs and cats in residence.

Great care is taken to choose the best and most suitable homes for the dogs and cats. Veterinary services are provided by Riverbank Animal Hospital.
HappyPaws Haven is an incorporated and endorsed animal welfare charity providing services in the Clarence Valley & Coffs Harbour Regions and through out Australia. HappyPaws Haven in Grafton was founded by Sally Rogers in July 2006, and has grown to include a number of local volunteers who dedicate their time to clean, care and re-home local cats and dogs who have been lost, abandoned or mistreated. We foster a small number of dogs at a time thus are able to spend the time required to find the correct home for a dog. We only foster a new dog when a fostered dog gets a home. Veterinary Services are provided by the Riverbank Animal Hospital. Volunteers are covered by public liability insurance and volunteer activities are an option for people on New Start, Work for the Dole, other Centrelink Programs and community services programs. The charity is run based on the model rules for associations supplied by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.
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The Rabbit Sanctuary

Rabbit Rescue in the Clarence Valley

The Rabbit Sanctuary is Grafton's best kept secret! Not many know about the rabbit rescue work done by Kim Cooney who has dedicated her life to abandoned pet rabbits.

What does The Rabbit Sanctuary do?

Each year well over 1000 rabbits are surrendered to The Rabbit Sanctuary by council pounds, veterinarians, animal shelters and the public who find them abandoned in the street.

Rabbit Adoption

Rescue rabbits are adopted out as indoor companion pet bunnies. The Rabbit Sanctuary recommends a playpen in the home with a litter tray, hidey house, fabric tunnel, hay bag or rack and a large bowl of water. Craig's Bird Place and Pet Shop sell these rabbit accessories at very good prices and quality. Click here to apply to

Rabbit Diet

Rabbits need a diet of hays and fresh hand picked lawn grass. They also love a top grade rabbit pellet such as Vetafarm Rabbit Origins. The rabbit's gut operates on fibre so hays and grass are vital to their health. The Rabbit Sanctuary recommends at least two hay types for rabbits: Oaten Hay, Timothy Hay, Rye Grass Hay, Teff Hay, Rhodes Grass Hay are the main ones. It is good to have a hard, cereal type of hay combined with a grassy hay. For example Oaten Hay combined with Timothy Hay.

Rabbit Housing

The Rabbit Sanctuary promotes rabbits as indoor companion pets as indoors they are safe from predators and the deadly rabbit viruses. A rabbit playpen in the home is the best and safest accommodation. Because they are inside with the people you can observe to see if they are well. Bunnies eat all the time so if a bunny is not eating or pooping you will notice if bunny is inside the house with you.
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